All-Around Protection with Health Insurance

July 29, 2022

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No one plans to get into accidents or fall ill. This is why it’s important to plan for the unexpected before it’s too late.

If you’re an employed Filipino, you’ll most likely have protection benefits through your company’s Health Maintenance Organization or HMO. This is a sought-after benefit by many employees, especially if you have dependents you’d like to cover, such as your parents, spouse, or children. When you or your loved ones get sick or confined in a hospital, you’re assured a bit of help for your medical expenses.

However, some employment HMOs have coverage restrictions that may make you feel like your protection isn’t enough. This is where health insurance comes in.

Ideally, you need both your HMO and a health plan to complete your protection needs. If you’re unsatisfied with your HMO, here are a few reasons why a health plan is the best supplement:

love and realationship

Your HMO isn’t applicable to your preferred doctor/hospital. A health plan is.

One common concern of HMO holders is that they already have a trusted hospital or doctor but are forced to make a switch. This is because HMO providers have a limited network of medical centers and professionals.

With health insurance, you’ll be able to claim your benefit when you show proof of confinement or surgery, depending on what’s written on your policy. Since the lump sum is given to you, you can choose your own health care facility or doctor.

Your HMO’s premiums may change over the years. A health plan’s premiums won’t.

Since HMO coverages are renewed annually, there’s a tendency for premiums to increase as you age. A higher HMO premium can affect the computation of your salary.

When you apply for a health plan, what you see is what you get. The premium stated on your policy is fixed throughout its life.

Your HMO coverage ends when you resign. A health plan doesn’t.

The protection that you get from your HMO is only valid for as long as you’re employed by your current employer. If you decide to move on to new opportunities, you’ll be letting go of your coverage, too.

A health plan, on the other hand, is your long-term partner. It stays with you throughout the coverage period of your policy just as long as you’re still paying your premium.

At Paramount Direct, we have a wide range of affordable health insurance products for individuals, couples, or families that are available for ages 20 to 75 years old.

These health plans provide cash benefits that are directly paid to the policyholder at the end of hospital confinements, giving you freedom, flexibility, and guaranteed protection at your preferred hospital. 

Head on to to check out our health plans so you can get the all-around protection that you deserve.