Ensure Safe In-Person Classes in November

July 15, 2022

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In 2020, the opening of classes was moved to October instead of August due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, schools have shifted to blended learning — a combination of online and offline learning methodologies with the use of technology. But, this school year 2022-2023 could be different.

Recently, Vice-President Sarah Duterte said that beginning November 2, 2022, all public and private schools regardless of the alert level status in the area should transition to full face-to-face classes. 

With the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 virus, continuously increasing fares due to oil price hikes, and the never-ending traffic jams, is it better and safer for our children to go back to traditional learning? Are we prepared enough?

love and realationship

“If that’s an order, then we don’t have a choice but to follow. I’ll just make sure that my kids get proper nutrition and drink their vitamins to keep their immunity strong.” — Marilyn, mom of elementary and senior highschool students

“I’m worried about my child who’s just 6 years old and diagnosed with ADHD. He has the habit of removing his mask when talking. So, I don’t know how the school and the teacher would manage students like him.” — Lizzy, mom of a Grade 1 student

“Honestly, we’re not ready yet. But, anyway, we still have a few months left to prepare our son for f2f classes. It can be a struggle for him, but we’ll have to let him understand the real situation.” — James, father of a Grade 3 student

Face-to-face learning provides better understanding and interaction to students. According to Stanford researchers, a classroom setting can make the brain happier and even make it easier for teachers to manage their lessons.

As the in-person classes bring anxiety to most Filipinos, here are some tips for parents on how you can keep your children safe and protected this coming school year:

Teach your child the safety protocols. The virus is still continuously spreading. It’s important to tell your kids to always follow preventive measures and never remove their mask especially when talking to other people.  If you can and want to feel reassured, try to visit your child’s school to see what they have put in place to keep the students safe.

Have your child vaccinated and boosted. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe complications, hospitalizations or even deaths. So, make sure to get the recommended doses for your child as soon as you can.
Provide your child better nutrition. Good nutrition starts with healthy meal choices. Prepare high-protein food, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and grains to help boost their performance at school and their immunity. You can also give them vitamins and supplements for added support.

Help your child get a good night's sleep. Inadequate sleep can take a toll on your child’s physical and mental development. It can also affect their mood, behavior, and learning ability. To ensure that they get to sleep well, set up a bedtime routine, and make them feel relaxed and avoid caffeine a few hours before going to bed.

Get your child medical coverage. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Having reliable medical coverage during this health crisis should be a priority as it could lessen your worries when your child gets sick and hospitalized. 

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Let’s prioritize everyone’s health and continue working together in keeping our children safe from COVID-19 for in-person learning.

*Based on Insurance age of 20 and Family Plan 500.