Happy to Be Healthy

December 24, 2021

be healthy

As the new year approaches, do you also look back at the best and worst things that happened to you in 2021?

“Our business shut down this year, so for me that’s the worst part. The best part is, I got married last December 9.” - Madeline Tamayo-Smith

“The worst thing for me was when all of us in the family got infected with COVID-19 and both of my parents died. But I'm still thankful that my siblings and I survived.” - JC Concepcion

“I have lots of friends who lost their loved ones because of COVID-19. I just pray that no more mutations would occur next year. The best part…I am still alive and I am thankful for that everyday.” - Sheila Manalo

For some, the past year was quite a disorienting ride. Several people grieved after losing a loved one to COVID-19, millions lost their jobs and many frontliners tirelessly worked to save lives. While the pandemic dominated most of our lives since day one, it also taught us to appreciate and value the more important things in life - our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves. It gave us a rare opportunity to reflect on and reset our lives.

These days, most people would rather spend on health and good nutrition rather than splurge on material goods like new clothes, shoes or gadgets. Many of us also realized that eating out less actually saved us money. Some even discovered hidden talents and skills. As we go through the many things we’ve been through, don’t you think we deserve a good pat on the back for just simply hanging in there? Let’s expect better things to come from this day forward. Hey, there are still reasons to be optimistic after a difficult 12 months, right?

We cannot predict what 2022 will bring us, but we can surely get ready so we can start fresh. If you don’t plan to fail, don’t fail to plan. Just keep yourself always physically, mentally and emotionally well so you can work on your goals. Here are some ways on how we can prepare our body, mind and spirit:

Slow down and pause. Think of how you want your life to look like. Focus more on what matters most to you - your family and friends.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take time to relax and breathe.

Exercise. As a way to cope with the lockdown, people who were not into fitness have now become engaged in it. You can run around and release some energy which is vital not just for you but to your kids’ mental health as well.

Connect with nature. Going outdoors can help calm your mind. From time to time, it is best to enjoy and reconnect to the natural world.

Prioritize health. Aside from a healthy diet, the best gift you can give yourself is to have the right protection that can ensure you and your family’s financial stability. It gives you confidence, security and peace of mind in facing any life’s critical moments.

health insurance

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Remember that our future depends on us - how we visualize it and what actions we would take in order to make our visions come to reality. Not only in this time of uncertainty, but let us live how we are supposed to live. Don’t wait for others. Take that  first step so you can #redirect your life for the better.

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future.” – Bradley Whitford