Insurance That Can Help You Prepare for the Future

November 5, 2021

love and realationship

Life can be a beautiful journey or a rollercoaster ride. The lessons life brings can be both happy and painful, and sometimes it’s really up to us to turn things around. Experts suggest that for us to survive in this complicated world, we need to choose to remain positive and be grateful for everything that we have no matter what. 

As the world came to a surprising halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, it also brought equally surprising realizations. It taught us to appreciate our family, job, friends and even the littlest things that we never paid attention to and helped us fully come to terms with life’s uncertainties.

COVID-19 has triggered anxiety and fear - fear of getting infected and dying due to this infection. We have seen or maybe experienced how to lose a loved one, whether it’s a distant relative or immediate family, during this monumental crisis. We have expressed grief and said our condolences left and right, through the best way we have now: online and social media. 

love and realationship

If death is something we used to never think about, the coronavirus has now surely made us think twice. But should an outbreak like COVID-19 really make us fear death? Or is this just a stronger call for preparedness?

We know that we are all going to die, but no one really knows how it is because a dead person could not talk about it. The philosopher Epicurus said that “as long as we exist, death is not with us; but when death comes, then we do not exist.” Death is the end of life here on earth which means we lose everything - our friends, families, wealth, future, and even our memories. Can you imagine those people you will leave behind? How will you be able to provide for them?

Not everyone wants to think about their future this way, and that’s okay. But being more open and comfortable with this reality may help give reassurance to the people you will possibly leave behind. It may be the end for those who die but not for our loved ones. Let them move forward. That’s why we need to prepare something that will help them carry on with the standard of living that we want for them. Not only will a policy’s payout provide the surviving family with the funds to cover end of life costs, but also it will assist with the other expenses.

Life insurance protects the people who matter to you and purchasing it during these challenging times can be a crucial life decision. You cannot discount the benefits of having a good insurance plan especially if you are the breadwinner in the family. And life insurance isn’t just for the old. It’s ideal to secure one while you are still young, healthy and able. You can get more benefits and great value for your money overtime.

We, at Paramount Direct, offer affordable life insurance products that give individuals a greater sense of economic security, and help reduce worry and distress for their families. The best life insurance plan will depend on your health, age and your financial situation. 

Our Golden Life Advantage Plan is a pure life insurance product for individuals aged 40 up to 75. It provides up to PHP1,500,000 Life Benefit and up to PHP3,000,000 Accidental Death Benefit. Premium starts at PHP413* per month. Visit to learn more. *Based on 1 Unit Plan

Our Guaranteed Life Plan is a life insurance product for 40 up to 75 years old with a Terminal Illness cover. It provides Life benefit of up to PHP2,000,000 Accidental Death Benefit of up to PHP4,000,000 and a Terminal Illness Benefit of up to 50% of the Life Benefit or at least PHP250,000. Premium begins at PHP151* per month.  Head on over to for more details. *Based on 1 Unit Plan

Our Go Protect Plan is  a pure life insurance product for those aged 18 to 60 years. It provides a Life Benefit of  up to PHP800,000. You may opt to add an Accidental Death Rider or a Waiver of Premium on Disability Rider for a wider coverage. Get it for as low as PHP333* per month. Simply go to for additional information. *Based on insurance age of 18, Plan 100 and 20-year payment period

If you want us to help you find the best product that works for your budget and needs, please feel free to get in touch with us through email,, or through our hotline numbers, (+632) 8772-9264 or GLOBE 0917-558-3969 or SMART/SUN 0998-842-1957, during weekdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (except holidays).

Learn more about our products or apply online at

Death is inevitable but this doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating life. Find ways to make living more happy and meaningful. Live without worries. Aim for confidence and security. Talking about the future and discussing plans with or without you in it shouldn’t be dreadful. Now more than ever, when everybody’s health is greatly compromised, insurance options and coverage is a topic we must not be afraid to touch on.