Paramount Direct's Online Payment Facility

September 9, 2014

As Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation launches their leading sales channel - Paramount Direct's official website, they are also pleased to announce Paramount Direct's Online Payment facilities, where every policyholder's payment procedure and update needed is now in the web. You can now access it anytime, anywhere!

With convenience delivered right at your fingertips, Paramount Direct's Online Payment facility allows you to check your policy status and pay your current standing in just few easy steps:

  1. Click on Paramount Direct's Online Payment Facility
  2. Select the Paramount Direct Marketing product you are registered in
  3. Enter your registered policy number 
  4. Click 'Next' button

On the Payment Details page, a chart will appear indicating your policy status and amount of premium to be paid alongside with your premium payment's due date. 

Should you want to double check the total premium you are to pay, just click on the Re-Compute button and be sure to fill up all the required fields.

Completing this Online Payment transaction is as simple as that! All you have to do next is to confirm your payment  and you're done! 

Keep in mind that only those registered Paramount Direct policyholders are the ones who can access their account through the policy number given upon their application.

In order to serve you better, you may contact your Policy Relationship Manager for inquiries at (+632) 772-9264.