Pros and Cons

April 22, 2022

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With 75.7% of the Philippine population having been vaccinated, as of February 2022, and with the eased restrictions, employers are now requiring their employees to return to in-person work either full-time or hybrid. After two years of working from home, do you think you’re ready to head back to the office?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work - from communicating or holding meetings to attending to customer’s concerns. And now that employees need to go back to the office in an ongoing pandemic, many of us have mixed emotions about this. Some may be excited to see their co-workers while others may feel anxious about their safety. 

Returning to work has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of them:

Pros of Working in an Office

Save on Electricity Bill. When you’re in the office, you can enjoy air conditioning and keep your computer plugged in during your entire shift without having to worry about a spike in your monthly electricity costs.

Work comfortably. Since you’re free from distractions, an office environment can help you focus so you can concentrate better on your tasks.
Foster good communication. Face-to-face meetings with your colleagues allow for discussions to flow more smoothly. If you suffer from Zoom fatigue, going to the office can also make you feel more connected to others which is beneficial for your mental health.

Cons of Heading Back to the Office

Back to the stress of commuting. With the limited number of public transportation, 72% of Filipinos have difficulty commuting to their workplace, says CNN Philippines. Fares are also higher now compared to pre-pandemic times.

Adjusting your budget. Buying clothes or shoes may not have been your priority during the past two years. Now, setting aside money to buy new work clothes and to spend on coffee and lunch should be included in your monthly budget again. Budget for gas and toll fees should also be considered if you’re bringing your own car.

Establishing a new routine. Working from home allows you to login to the system even while half asleep or jump off to Zoom meetings at the last minute. But, now that you need to report to the office once again, you need to wake up and catch the bus early so you can come to the office on time.

Exposure to COVID-19. Employees who are expected to return to work are at risk of getting ill or infected with COVID-19. In order to keep yourself and your loved ones protected, continue practicing safety health protocols and get vaccinated.

Consequently, find ways to add a layer of protection for you and your loved ones - a protection that covers hospitalizations due to COVID-19 or any other illness or injury and assists you financially during these difficult times.

Paramount Direct offers Hospital Income Benefit Plan, with family coverage, for ages 20 up to 64 years old. It provides Daily Cash Benefit of up to PHP4,000, Daily Dread Disease Benefit of up to PHP8,000 and Convalescence Benefit of up to PHP80,000.

Apply online today at For as low as PHP69/month for individual coverage, PHP131/month for couple coverage and PHP175/month for family coverage. Based on insurance age of 20 and Plan 500.

There may be certain risks that you need to face everyday especially when you have comorbidities. However, the best way to manage your fear is to take control of your anxious thoughts and redirect your focus away on the worst scenarios as you go outside and return to work.