Things to Do with Grandparents

July 12, 2019

Grandparents are your greatest confidante, supporters counsellors and even playmates. They portray some of the biggest roles in developing your character and emotional stability as you grow.

In the Philippines, the “grandparents-grandchildren relationship” is special because grandparents are more involved in looking after their grandkids while both parents are working.

To be surrounded with grandchildren makes your lolo and lola happier and healthier, thus increasing their life expectancy. In addition to this, the government is continuously improving programs for senior citizens in the Philippines and expanding the senior citizen benefits.

It's important to create positive moments to add more years to your grandparents’ lifespan and improve their quality of life. Here are some activities that you can do with them that can be beneficial for all parties:

Crafting - Take some time off your gadgets and social media. Do something non-tech oriented like crafting with your lolo and lola. They are the perfect people who can teach you something traditional, fun, and new. Crafting is the one of the best activities to do with your grandparents as this reduces stress, stimulates happiness, boosts self-esteem, and improves focus and attention to detail.

You may check out some crafting ideas online that are easy to follow no matter what your skill level is.

Cooking or Baking - Signature family dishes should be passed on to the next generations, and learning them as early as now will have you more room to perfect them while your grandparents are still there to guide you. It is also a way of knowing family history and traditions.

Cooking or baking teaches you how to plan, follow instructions and be patient. On the other hand, it is good therapy for your grandparents. Many doctors use this as a therapy tool for treating people suffering from mental disorders.

Gardening - It’s about time that you inherit your grandparents’ green thumb. Gardening allows you to understand the stages of growth of plants and learn more about their different kinds.

Daily gardening is an enjoyable form of exercise and helps increase mobility and flexibility. Gardening together with your grandparents strengthens your bond and makes you relaxed.

Gardening is definitely a hobby worth trying. Embrace your green thumb, feel relaxed and enjoy all its health benefits.

Capturing moments - Elderly people love creating memories and capturing them, but with today’s technology, it’s a struggle for them to keep up. Since grandkids are more familiar with new technology, you can teach your grandparents how to take pictures and edit them using their phones. Apart from that, you may also show them how to connect with their families and friends through social media. Just remind them to be careful when posting sensitive issues or topics online such as on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Learning something new together and being up to date with technology brings you closer all the more.

Travelling - Exploring different places with your grandparents and family makes for strong bonding, it’s a great learning experience, and can create life-long memories.

Travelling with your family promotes interpersonal skills and self-confidence. For older adults, it improves their emotional, physical and mental health. It is good for them to interact, see new people, and explore a new environment as well.

Prepare less stressful activities like building a sandcastle on the beach, going to museums or picking fruits. It will be more convenient if you list down all the attractions that you and your whole family want to visit. Bringing board games will also add to the fun.

Remember the dos and don’ts when travelling with elder people. Make sure you help them pack their bags so they won’t forget to bring important things such as their maintenance medicines, appropriate clothes and toiletries. Giving them an extra hand with their packing and preparations would be a great relief to them.

When travelling locally or abroad, it is vital that you have health insurance that you can rely on in case of any health problems or emergencies that need hospital care. Of course, no one wants a hospital visit while on vacation, and it definitely isn't part of your itinerary either. But unfortunate circumstances may happen to you at any moment, and without a plan, you could end up paying expensive hospital bills out of pocket

Paramount insurance offers reliable health products that would assist you and your family financially during hospitalization. One of these products is called PrimeCare Cash Plan, a health insurance plan for senior citizens from 50 and above 60 years old in the Philippines.

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Give your grandparents something special that would protect them until they are 80 years old. Apply for the PrimeCare Cash Plan, and allow yourself to create more lasting memories with your grandpa and grandma without the worry and stress.