What is Holiday Heart Syndrome?

December 17, 2021

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Filipinos usually mark September 1 as the beginning of the Christmas countdown. This is why the Philippines, a predominantly Christian country, boasts the longest and earliest Christmas season in the world.

As soon as community quarantine restrictions were lifted in November and kids were allowed to go to public places, malls and restaurants were jam packed with people, young and old. Traffic conditions in Metro Manila have returned to pre-pandemic levels. There are reunions and parties left and right, as if people were relishing the freedom they’ve been deprived of for the past couple of years.

The Filipino tradition of celebrating Christmas and New Year is all about good food, family and friends. But what people don’t realize is that when they overdo it, it can actually pose a serious, and even fatal, health risk.

love and realationship

Ever heard about holiday heart syndrome?

According to health experts, the combination of all the fatty and salty food intake and alcoholic beverages consumption brought by holiday parties can result in a condition that can occur even in healthy individuals who don't have an underlying heart disease. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) adds that holiday heart syndrome, also referred to as  alcohol-induced atrial arrhythmias, is characterized by an acute cardiac rhythm and/or conduction disturbance associated with heavy ethanol consumption in a person without other clinical evidence of heart disease. Most patients who experience holiday heart syndrome often complain about irregular heartbeat, lightheadedness, chest pain, fatigue or shortness of breath. 

Now that we are just eight (8) days away from Christmas, let’s make sure to enjoy the season without compromising our health and well-being. The most important aspect of holiday heart syndrome is that it is reversible. Here are some tips to help you prevent it:

1. Go easy on the food. You don’t have to avoid any food during an event. Just don’t overeat. Consider having small amounts, for breakfast or lunch, before you attend the evening party. Avoid foods that are too much in salt, sugar or heavy in cream.

2. Don’t get too drunk. Instead of binge drinking, take your alcoholic drink slowly throughout the party.

3. Sweat it out. Stay active by doing regular exercise to burn those calories.

4. Always be prepared. If and when an illness or medical emergency strikes during the holidays, it’s best to have something that can cover unexpected hospital costs and offer other benefits.


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No matter how healthy you think you are, it’s better to watch your diet and monitor your blood pressure during this season. #Redirect away from unpleasant habits that can spoil all the holiday fun. In case you experience issues like irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure or dizziness, consult your doctor right away.

Take it easy and treat yourself with care so you can enjoy the holidays and spend it with your loved ones, and not in the hospital.